Thursday, March 8, 2007

Register to Vote by March 20

The consolidated election on April 17 is on the minds of many people, especially since the important library referendum issue is on the ballot. Keep April 17 in mind, but don’t forget another important date that marks a critical deadline for some village residents—March 20. This is the last date that voters can register if they wish to vote in the April 17 election. You can register to vote at the Village Hall, but you may not be aware of the fact that you can also register at the Carol Stream Public Library.

Even if you are already registered to vote, try to think of neighbors, members of your school parent’s organizations or church congregations, or other friends who may not be registered to vote in this important election. Have any families just moved into your neighborhood in the past several months? Are there some new faces at school or church activities? Will your teenagers be old enough to vote for the first time this April? The deadline for registration is less than two weeks away, so be sure to talk to your friends about the library issue and make sure that they are registered and are planning to vote.

Since the Carol Stream Public Library is one of the registration sites, you could encourage any non-registered voters to visit the library in the next few days so that they can complete the process. If they do visit, encourage them to look around the building and to study all of the information about the proposed new facility that is posted in the lobby. Every vote matters as village residents decide this critical issue that will have a profound and lasting effect on the quality of life in Carol Stream in the years to come.

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