Friday, April 6, 2007

More Letters of Support

A few days ago, we included some excerpts from letters in support of a new library in Carol Stream that were printed in several of the local newspapers. In the short time since then, a stream of new letters have been printed and we thought it would be useful to include some more excerpts here as a service to those readers who might not have seen them in the papers. We are very pleased to hear that the support for the library proposal seems to be growing, and we hear very positive opinions about the proposal from residents in the village. Look at what some or your friends or neighbors have to say:

“Because of the storage space problem, it seems to me that the library staff is in a no-win situation. On the one hand, they could simply choose not to buy any new materials because no shelf space remains, but if they choose that strategy, the collection will simply get more dated and less useful as time goes by. On the other hand, if they are forced to continue to discard good materials to make room for newer items, they weaken the overall collection they have worked so hard to build. When I see all the shelves everywhere in the central part of the building, it is hard to remember what the library looked like not so many years ago when there were actually enough tables and chairs for people who wanted to stay and work or read. I plan to vote for a new library.”
- Cynthia Green

“I think we have a responsibility as a community to make sure that some basic resources are available to the people who need them. I cannot ignore the many challenges the workers at our library are facing and the inconveniences patrons must put up with just to save a few dollars a month on my tax bill. The library tax rate has not been raised since 1985. Having served as the Library Director, I am witness to the fact that the Board of Trustees does not waste our money or plan extravagant projects. The current library building has served us well. We need to face the fact that we have outgrown that building, and it’s time to look to the future. Carol Stream needs a new Library. Join me in voting YES on April 17.”
- Lynn O’Dell

“Without a new building, the library will have no choice but to reallocate the meeting room for the collection and eliminate programming for children. Library story times are a vital substitute for many children’s preschool experience, sometimes for financial reasons. Do we really want to live in a community where story times are not available for everyone? The library already withdraws one book for every new one added. Without a new building, the collection will suffer as well. In these days when people pay a lot more than 30 cents a day for a cup of coffee, isn’t that a small price to pay to ensure that quality educational services are available to everyone in Carol Stream? Join me and vote YES for the Carol Stream Library referendum.”
- Amy Teske

“During a Candidates Night, the library issue was one of the key topics discussed. The first speaker was former Library Director Lynn O’Dell, and it was clear from the audience response that attendees were impressed with her presentation in which she outlined the need for a new library. Next up were the two mayoral candidates, and when asked if they supported the library referendum, both men made it clear they support the proposal to build a new library. I feel that this is important information for Carol Stream residents. These candidates are long-time residents of our village who have taken time to research the issue and to analyze both the benefits and the financial implications associated with building a new library. It is quite significant that both mayoral candidates have concluded that this is an important endeavor needed to serve the needs of the people of Carol Stream.”
- Ellen Marchessault

“A library is a key resource within a healthy community. Our population in 1977, when the library was first built, was 9,640. Already 30 years later, we have grown to more than 40,000 residents. We have quadrupled in size and have naturally outgrown the present facility. Choose to move forward toward growth and prosperity for a vital community. Please come out to vote on April 17th and consider voting YES for our library and our community.”
- Rose Calkins

“The need for a new, more technologically advanced and bigger facility will not go away. We have one of the largest populations in DuPage County and one of the smallest libraries. More than 60 percent of our citizens have library cards, so a library as small as ours does not make sense. Don’t the citizens of Carol Stream want life-long learning for all its citizens? Nobody likes more taxes. However, I know a new library will better the lives of all Carol Stream citizens and I can look beyond my own needs to help all who live in our village. Won't you join me and vote YES for the Carol Stream library referendum?”
- Barb Siegman

“A library is not meant to house only new items; it is designed to provide the public with a large collection suited for any taste. I have found myself shopping online and visiting other area libraries more often. It is a shame I have to spend hundreds of dollars every year to read books I used to have access to for free. It is even more ridiculous I have to drive past the Carol Stream Public Library to borrow DVDs from another library’s collection. For little more than $9 a month, the residents of Carol Stream can build a new library; this is the equivalent of the average price of a single paperback book. A small price to pay when you consider how much you spend at Blockbuster, Best Buy or Borders in a given year. The time for a new building is now, not next year or two years from now, when construction costs have increased and the library’s collection has dwindled even more. I will be voting YES for the library referendum April 17, and I hope you will too.”
- Leslie Shambo

“YES, I'm anti-tax. But our Library has been run and is run by one of the most frugal-minded groups that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Trust me -- THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO CUT. This referendum is necessary. I urge your consideration, and request that you pass this along to any Carol Stream residents that you know.”
- Laura Pollastrini

Now that the election is just over a week away, the best thing you can do now is get in touch with all of your friends and neighbors and encourage them to get out and vote. If people have questions or need more information, please direct them to this site and to the referendum section of the Carol Stream Public Library site.

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