Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Map of the New Library Site

If you have heard of the plans to build a new library in Carol Stream but are not sure where it would be located, we are including a simple map to help you. As you can see, the property is on Kuhn Road between Lies Road and North Avenue, and it is directly adjacent to the new College of DuPage Carol Stream Community Education Center.

For those of you who have lived in Carol Stream for many years, you will recognize the site as the Kammes Farm, pictured here in an old photograph from the library archive. This piece of property has been owned by the Kammes family for generations, and it seems fitting that a new community library be built on a location that has played a big role in the history of our community. The school buses pictured here were a common sight several years ago, but they are gone now and much of the Kammes farm land has already been converted into housing developments.

The site of the existing Carol Stream Library was more or less centrally located in the main residential sections of the village when it was built in 1978, but with so much new construction west of County Farm Road in recent years, this new location on Kuhn Road commands a more central location within our village today. With the new Carol Stream Community Education Center right next door, the new Carol Stream Library can help to anchor this section of the community as a center for learning and professional growth.

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