Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Letters to the Editor

As the April 17 election draws nearer, we have been pleased to see a number of informative letters printed in the local newspapers. The writers have touched on several of the key issues relating to the library referendum and they have expressed their support for the construction of a new library in Carol Stream. We have included excerpts from several of the letters below to illustrate the passion that many residents feel about this important issue:

“It is the goal of the Carol Stream Public Library’s Board of Trustees and staff to fill the information and cultural needs of the community in a friendly and professional manner. Unfortunately we are no longer able to meet that goal due to space limitations. Both our older and younger patrons have found it difficult to reach materials since we have had to start using the uppermost and bottom shelves on our stacks. This is also true for our handicapped patrons as well. Due to space limitations, for every new book that comes into the library’s collection, another book must be removed.”
- Robert E. Douglas
Carol Stream Public Library Board President

“Ten dollars a month to have a Community Library that provides service to those without internet access (there are more than you think), who still have a VCR, whose children need a place to do homework, a resource worthy of the residents of Carol Stream. This community has been my home for 35 years. My children deserved the present facility when it replaced the little house on Blackhawk, and the future children of Carol Stream deserve a Library spacious enough, filled with a collection that will meet their needs, and is easily accessible.”
- Barbara Kohlmetz

“We’re voting ‘YES’ because we want our library to be more than a warehouse. We expect that our community library should be the first place we think of when looking for a comfortable seat to browse some books or a quiet study area with WIFI access, rather than the local coffee shop, restaurant or book store. Our current facility has lost that sense of “place” as it has struggled to provide access to technology and materials.”
- Mary and Tony Clemens

“Shouldn’t we have a library that more than just adequately serves our large population, but also represents our values related to learning, community programs, and fair and equal access to everything from print materials to the Internet for the people who depend on it? Carol Stream residents should vote ‘Yes’ to the proposed referendum in that it is asking for a very minimal contribution for a substantial return and a new much needed library, that will serve as an extremely valuable resource to current and future residents of Carol Stream.”
- Jessica Hubinek

“We are at an important juncture in the history of our village, and we need to act to provide the necessary resources for our families. Communities are largely defined by the quality of their public institutions because schools, parks, and libraries contribute so much to the quality of life in a city or village. In past years, we have made the wise and sensible choices to build new schools as the village has grown because we know it is in the best interests of all if we provide excellent educational opportunities. We have recognized the need for new parks and recreation facilities because we know that they add value to the community and help to make Carol Stream a more pleasant place to live. So it is with a proposal to build a well-equipped modern library that is designed with both the present and future needs of our residents in mind.”
- Richard Marchessault

“I love my Carol Stream Public Library. I love the excitement I feel as I approach the new book section, wondering what awaits me…However, there are also things I DON’T love about the Carol Stream Public Library…There is no "quiet" area for reading. When I need to use a computer, there is often a line…If I do venture into the racks to look at older books, it is literally impossible for two people to walk by each other, the space is so tight. Once I maneuver to where I need to be, the book I’m searching for is not to be found because of the library having to get rid of one book for each new book purchased…For all of the above reasons, I will be voting YES for the Carol Stream Public Library referendum on April 17.”
- Peggy Benzin


EKitchener said...

These are wonderful letters. But they represent a small fraction of our population of over 40,000. Let's hear from more of you out there! CAROL STREAM NEEDS A NEW LIBRARY!!

Library Lady said...

I truly believe that Libraries have the ability to change lives. A new and improved Library for Carol Stream can only benefit the entire community. I'll be voting yes!